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Have a look at some of the beautiful flora and fauna of Trinidad (photos coming soon)

Photos kindly taken by Paul Hoskisson:


The whole team and Gabriel

Vulture Circling over heard

Pelican diving at Marianne Bay

Trinidad Family Member Photos of Oot and Aboot:

Churchill Roosevelt Highway

UWI Campus – Surrounded by Saman Trees

Meet Hyla microcephala

Surveying team up Maracas Waterfall

Afternoon tea


St Joseph Secondary School at lopinot

Snake eating a fuscus frog!

Avocado Trees at Mt Saint Benedict

The North Coast

Gillian, Mhairi and Aaron at Breadfruit Boulevard, University of West Indies Agricultural Land

UWI campus – beautiful trees everywhere!

owl butterfly on the tree by our doorstep

Sam Gary Becky and Aaron on a boat!

Ghost Crab at Manzanilla Beach

Turtle Tagging

Sam and Gonatodes humeralis

Mark’s Calling Mano

Cnemidophorus lemniscatus


Exploring Pitch Lake, South Trinidad




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