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For a few years now Amazonia have supported the GU Trinidad Expeditions. We have worked closely with the Amazonia team in providing educational workshops and lots more for local communities! We are keeping in touch with our good friends at Scotland’s Indoor Tropical Rainforest, and as like last year, we will be blogging as we venture out to the Caribbean. This blog is for our friends and visitors of Amazonia; allowing them to keep in touch with the team and share the experience!  We can’t wait to hear from you all! Also the team have helped create the new wildlife garden at Amazonia (photos below!), and on our return we shall be visiting Amazonia’s Saturday Kids Club to share stories of our adventures! (Check out last year’s blog here).

Glasgow Science Festival is upon us once again, and we’ll be getting involved in the pre-festival shenanigans. There are so many great activities lined up – check them out and be sure to pop a date or two in your diary and head a long for some funtastic science!

Global Schools Partnership, Glasgow and Trinidad

In 2011 the British Council launched a 3-year project; linking Glasgow and Trinidad schools, and the GU Trinidad Expeditions have been involved from the start. There are many areas both countries and their schools have been looking at, with one being Biodiversity. Last year the team got involved at both ends by visiting Glasgow schools and preforming our frog-themed play, helping arrange special Trinidad-themed tours at Amazonia for local schools, arranging school visits to the University, where pupils got involved in the Glasgow Science Festival, and visiting Trinidad schools; helping spread the work of conservation.

The Trinidad Family 2012 have once again take to their roles and performed our frog-themed play ‘The Epic Adventures of Manno the Stream Frog’ for local Glasgow Primary schools (see below). There has also been a workshop session for Secondary school pupils, as part of the pre-Science Festival shenanigans. Here students were able to compare the wildlife of Scotland and Trinidad, during a visit to the Zoology section of the University’s Hunterian Museum in the Graham Kerr Building. And as like last year, more Trinidad-themed tours are also arranged for schools visiting Amazonia. And this year we aim to do a lot more work in Trinidad, so we’re heading out 2 weeks earlier than usual to see the school kids!

In addition we are interested in assisting with Environmental Science investigations related to the Glasgow-Trinidad link. For example, by making a comparison between aspects of the Biodiversity of Scotland and Trinidad.

If you would like to learn more about the Global Schools Partnership project please contact Prof. Roger Downie –

Amazonia Wildlife Garden

In return for their sponsorship and support, the Trinidad team leant their hand and dabbled in some gardening for Amazonia. Kirsty Garland (Education Officer @ Amazonia) spoke to us with her ideas and thoughts, and the team got stuck in; helping create a new wildlife garden for all! Over two days – we dug out a pond, created a lovely path lined with wood chips, created a bug hotel and a secrete forest garden, and over all got the ball rolling for Kirsty and her Saturday Club Kids! We can’t wait to see it on our return in September; where we hope to see a matured pond, wild flower meadow, marshland, compost heap, and loads more! Watch this space for more information on the Amazonia Saturday Kids Club (ages 8-12 yrs).

St. Bartholomew’s Primary School Visit

A small troop of team members headed over to St. Bartholomew’s Primary School in Glasgow, to perform our play,‘The Epic Adventures of Manno the Stream Frog’. Apart from getting slightly lost on the way, we had a lovely time at the primary school! The reading of the play was very interactive, with the kids joining in when prompted, and after they threw some very good questions at us, as well as some curve balls! The highlights of which include:

In a race, what would win? A human or a frog?”
“What kind of frog was Manno?” (one of the characters in the play)
“Are frogs good at climbing?” (followed by “Can a frog climb a tree? Or a house?”)
and “How many eggs do frogs lay?”
St. Bartholomew’s was very welcoming to us and we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved and hope they enjoyed our play!


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