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Frog Survey Team Assemble!!!

Hey, Mark here again.

It has been a little while since the survey team has let everyone know how we have been doing but don’t worry, we have been nice and busy. We have been conducting out normal surveys in fun and exciting places, such as Morne Bleu Ridge, the highest point you can drive to on the island! Our normal work is great, but last week we had especially good fun. We have been planning a mass capture of Trinidad Stream Frogs -Mannophryne trinitatis at Lopinot and we finally got the time to conduct it.

The mass capture involved taking a team out and catching as many frogs as we could for 2 hours in the morning (10-12) and 2 hours in the afternoon (3-5), as these are the prime catching periods. After we had caught a batch of frogs we would bring them back to the lab and process them, taking photos and measurements of weight and body length. I was present at every capture and therefore had a very busy day; getting about 30 minutes to get lunch before heading back out.

After conducting the capture for three and a half days (14 hours of catching), we amassed an astonishing 91 frogs, substantially more than we had expected. After keeping the frogs for a couple of days in case we needed to collect any more data, we were ready for their release. We wanted everyone to see some of the release, so we made a little video. Take a look.

Lopinot Frog Release –

I hope you found it as interesting as we all did.

Bye for now, Mark.


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