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The Frog Survey Team’s First Week Adventures!

Hey guys, Mark here.

Here is just a little bit about the frog survey team and what we have been up to this week. The frog survey team is made up of Mark, Gary and Aaron. We are surveying locations around the north of the island by listening to frog calls and taking sound recordings; with this we can get an idea of the numbers of frogs in each area.  This week we have been identifying our areas we will be surveying and taking some preliminary sound recordings.

The areas we are going to be surveying are: Mount St Benedict, Maracas Waterfall, Caura Valley, Simla, Mont Bleu and El Tucuche (a very large mountain where we hope to see the Golden Tree Frog!)

Maracas Waterfall

We are working with several species, such as Flectonotus fitzgeraldi – Mount Tucuche Tree Frog, Pristimantis urichi – Lesser Antillean Robber Frog and Mannophryne trinitatis – Trinidad Stream Frog.

Take a listen to some of our early sound recordings

Caura Valley- listen for the high pitch squeak, this is Pristamantis urichi.

Simla – listen for the lower pitch “squeaky click”, this is Flectonotus fitzgeraldi.

As you can hear, some of the frog calls are rather similar. Yesterday we had a frog call lesson from Gillian and we are all starting to recognise each of the different calls. It might take a while, but we will get there!
This week has been very exciting and we are all super keen to start the main part of our surveying work and get out in the field as much as possible and see lots of the amazing Trinidad wildlife!

We hope to begin our surveying soon and we will keep everyone posted on our work.


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