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My time in Trinidad so far…

Orite folks Robbie here, thought I’d let you know how I’ve found the visit so far. I’m slowly but surely getting used to the heat and humidity out here however, we’re all still struggling with the mosquitos, not to mention the 8 a.m starts!. Once I’m up and awake the days so far have been fantastic whether I’m helping with the projects in the lab, out collecting or just chillin’. My highlight so far was the river walk, I thought the rainforest was particularly impressive.  I’m also looking forward to a trip to fishing pond tonight with the turtle project team.

I’ve found the culture on the island much different to Scotland, much more spicy food for a start and the locals are very freindly (not to say that Glasweigans aren’t). Everyone will greet you good morning or say hello.

Although the days seem long as we’re on the go from early, this week has flown by and I hope to carry on in the same fashion! Someone else will be on next week to give you there thoughts on our stay so far. I’m off to make fajitas for dinner, cheerio!


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2 thoughts on “My time in Trinidad so far…

  1. Christine Brennan on said:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. Fajitas!!! when did you start cooking?
    from Dad and Christine

  2. mum and gordon on said:

    Hi Rob, sounds as if u r having a fantastic time. We will expect some nice spicy Trinidadian dinners when u get home!! The river wall looked great. We could do with some heat and humidity here – it is Baltic. X x

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