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The Marianne River Walk

The group setting off on the river adventure

We had our first explore of the North Coast yesterday to Blanchisseuse Bay where we enjoyed the roaring Caribbean waves and had our lunch before we began our trek up the Marianne River. Pelicans were diving into the surf as we pulled tai chi moves while the waves crashed over us! We were convinced Teradactyls were flying overhead until Paul informed us they were the glorious Frigate birds, with a huge angular wing span! After a little  bambo limbo and a game of toss the coconut in the river pool we began our swimming, walking and stumbling up stream. Straight away the flora and fauna left our jaws dragging along the bottom of the river! Black and orange crabs, blue morph butterflies, an assortment of parrots, teeny frogs and numerous fish with leopard markings! The beautiful peace lilys and vines – this was an exotic surprise to those of us who had never been to Trinidad before!

Splashing around!

We stopped off on numerous occasions along the river to identify frogs, to swim and take pictures. Our first break came at an over-hanging log, which we all climbed and jumped off (hundreds of times).

Our next stop was unintentional, as some of us struggled (for half an hour) to overcome some rapids. This came at amusement for those of us who had already passed the rapids.

a few bumps and bruises later – we reached the waterfall!

After conquering what felt like Mount. Everest (a one foot waterfall) we had reached the top! Here we rested and took our photographs.  For those of us with energy remaining we climbed a slimy 20 foot rock (it felt much higher at the top) and jumped into the plunge pool. To our dismay we then realised we had to walk the whole way back!

mid flight


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