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The family shall be departing the UK in two different teams. On June 4th Gillian, Roisin, Tom, and Prof Downie shall be heading out to d’island to get stuff organised, for the remainder of the team arriving on June 7th.

Throughout our stay in Trinidad we shall be staying at two locations. Our main location shall be that of St Augustines, not far from the capital of Trinidad; Port-of-Spain (see map below). Here we shall be staying in student accommodation (not like here in Glasgow), with easy access to the University of West Indies’ (UWI) Trinidad campus. We’ll be using a lab at UWI to carry out some of our projects! Our other location is situated in the Armia Valley, just down the road from Valencia (see map). Here a new research station is being built, and we aim to have 4 team members (not always the same ones) staying here for 8 weeks out of the 10 weeks of the expedition.

Our main area of focus for study is the Northern Range (yellow section at top of map). Here the rainforest is lush, with many different habiats for us to explore; from beaches, to waterfalls, to rivers, and mountain tops!

Another area we shall be working at is Fishing Pond; east coast of Trinidad (just down a tiny bit from Salybia on the map below). This area is a private beach, with no one allowed on it unless they have a permit. Our team shall be carrying out marine turtle conservation work, which includes monitoring nesting females, and conducting beach clean ups!


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